Advantages of spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation is turning out to be the best option when it comes to home insulation. Homes with this insulation are known to be comfortable and energy efficient. Spray foam comes in two types, the open and closed cell. This type of insulation can be used on the roof, loft, walls and the floors. This write looks at some advantages of using spray foam insulation methods.

Top-notch insulation


Any form of insulation serves to combat air infiltration and heat losses, which has the effects of making a home energy efficient. There are many ways of achieving this in a home setup. Comparing the quality of insulation offered by fiberglass or cellulose to the one offered by spray foam, the latter turns out to be superior to the former. This is primarily attributed to the fact that it takes care of moisture-related complications.

Cost savings

Cost savings from home insulation system come in many ways. The most obvious cost benefit is the reduced amount paid for utility bills. As much as the initial costs are high, the long-term benefits associated with it justify why you should stick to spray foam insulation. The other benefit is that it creates a clean and healthy environment, which takes care of the possibility of settling medical bills in the case of allergic reactions to allergens like dust and pollen.

Proved structural integrity

Did you know that spray foam reinforces the strength of your walls or roofs? Indeed, spray foam almost doubles the strength of your walls. As such, this improves the house’s structural strength needed to withstand gushing winds and other physical forces. Thus, if you find your walls weakly and are fond of leaking cold or hot air, spray foam insulation is bound to link them together and make your house better.

Contractors love it

ASASDdxS Most spray foam contractors love it for its functional benefits. As such, one does not have to waste time doing and redoing considering that only a single application is required. When it comes to spray foam, it is almost impossible to find a contractor reapplying it.

Finally, spray foam painting offers almost everything a homeowner would want in an insulation system. It can be applied both to new homes and to existing ones during remodeling.