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Beds buying guide – everything you should know

You should note that a bed is more than furniture, which holds a mattress. Rather, it is the focal point of the bedroom. Moreover, the style of bed you buy sets the tone of your bedroom. If you want to upgrade from a metal frame to something stylish, but you are not sure the style you need, this bed buying guide is ideal for you. You should consider the following bed styles and choose one that is appropriate for you.

Different bed styles

Metal beds

tg23wef6v7ue8df2The good thing about metal beds is that they have a timeless look. In fact, they have a feminine feeling if it has scrollwork. On the hand, it looks masculine when it has clean, straight lines. Nowadays, anti-style beds are manufactured in lots of quantities. This makes them quite affordable to many people. You will realize that these beds do not lose their appeal.

Canopy beds

These are designed to offer a romantic atmosphere. They have four posts, which are connected at the top with the rods. This helps them get draped with the sheer fabrics to create a romantic, dreamy look. Drapery and posts of bed draw your eyes upward, making your bed look bigger. These beds are made of metal and feature sleek square posts. There are some found in a classic wood with ornate designs.

Sleigh beds

These have a traditional style. They are quite popular among many people. Also, they have a traditional feeling, which is ideal for a cozy bedroom. Its headboard is a bit taller as compared to footboard just like a sleigh. These beds are made of good, and they feature ornate inlays, rich finishes, simple contours, and flourishes.

Platform beds

tg3wefcv7wed89f2These are innovatively designed to offer a contemporary feel. In fact, they are perfect for minimalist and modern designs. They are quite low to the ground, and the platform supports the mattress. This eliminates the need for the box spring. Their low profiles mainly describe These beds. They are made of a broad range of materials such as wood, leather, and metal.

Upholstered beds

These are known to add luxury to the bedroom. In fact, upholstered beds feature fabric, which adds texture and luxurious feeling to the bedroom. If you want a sophisticated look, you should try leather-covered one. If your home is vintage-inspired, a textured or tweed cotton bed can add a lot of impact.