Traits of an ideal real estate agent

In the Real Estate industry, we have the seller’s and buyer’s agents. These two professionals have distinct functions, and it is the responsibility of the principal to ensure that their duties to him are fulfilled adequately. A buyer’s agent must endeavor to evaluate the buyer’s preferences and ensue to identify a home that matches such inclinations. Also, the agent should put his best foot forward to offer and negotiate offers in a bid to reach a settlement that is within the financial constraints of his client. It is the responsibility of the buyer’s agent to close an amicable deal that is aggregable to both contracting parties.

On the other hand, independent buyer’s agent in Brisbane are key in marketing the property through various mechanisms and ensuring that they gets as many offers as possible. Further, a seller’s agent is mandated to keep the house in a pleasing condition, so that it appeals during the scheduled showings and inspections.

The importance of Real estate agents cannot be overstated and therefore you should be mindful in the selection process. The qualities to look out for are enlisted as follows;


Knowledge is crucial and with adequate experience comes great insight and understanding. Therefore it is recommended that you pursue an agent that has sufficient experience in dealing with property in a particular market. Such an agent can guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness that you require.


The world is changing, and you must be adaptable to such changes to avoid redundancy. Technology integration in business is inevitable, and therefore you must select an agent that has the right knowledge, equipment, and technology to advance your interests commendably. Technology has been viewed to be crucial in marketing and correspondence between parties.


An agent is bound by a fiduciary duty to his client. This duty requires that the agent must always advance and protect the interests of his client. The foremost responsibility of the agent is the interests of his client, and in this regard, he is legally required to put such interests above his own. In order to fulfill this duty, the agent must always be honest about his dealings in regards to the transaction with his principal. With utmost transparency, the agent should always keep accounts of monies spent and received on behalf of his client.

Good communication skills

Property transactions are hinged on negotiations and consultations. Therefore it is deemed as fundamental to engage an agent that has excellent communication skills to enable him to pursue good offers and settle appropriately.