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What to Look for in a Riding Lawn Mower

If you have decided to purchase a riding lawn mower, you have made the right choice. Although being an easy decision, you now have several options to consider. For instance, are you going for a consumer zero turn lawn mower or a lawn tractor?

f45fr56 riding lawn mowerWhen mowing steep yards, whether at home or commercial, you should do so with caution. This is because any riding mower can tip over. Even if they are designed for slope areas, they can easily flip. This means that you may need some tools no matter the type of lawn mower you choose. You can read more about 2018’s best riding lawn mower. The following are things to consider:

Engine size

It is quite obvious that a riding mower makes cutting large lawns easier as compared to a walk behind one. However, you should be sure the amount of power you require. Horsepower is the amount of power output of an engine that is to be shared among different mower components such as blades, transmission, and others. Thus, a high horsepower means you are getting a mower with a powerful engine. If you are planning to carry out heavy mowing, then you should consider one with a lot of horsepower.

Riding ability

You have two options to choose: automatic or manual riding mower. For a fairly open area, you should go for a manual riding mower. This is because you will not have issues changing gears. On the other hand, if you have a slope, tight area that needs a lot of backing up, turns, and changing directions, then you should go for an automatic mower.


w3e2 lawn mowerThere are several methods of steering a riding mower. If you are on a budget, you can choose the traditional steering wheel. The modern steering wheel has two levers which control both the back tires and front tires. The only problem with a steering wheel is that it is quite difficult on muscles if you are mowing a large area. On the other hand, zero turn systems need minimal effort to maneuver around.

Deck size

Homeowners choose to ride mowers over a walk behind due to the expanse of lawn which needs to be cut. This job is quite easy with the riding mowers.

Storage space

If you have an additional area in the garage or store, you can buy a large-sized mower. Remember that your mower should be kept under cover. This is to protect it from harsh weather conditions.